All About Us


ASG is a Level 2 B-BBEE organisation dedicated and driven by innovation. Fuelled by a skilled and talented team, we find solutions for customers that ensure success in their businesses. Founded in 2001 by a small team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, the organisation has grown adding more specialist skills to match our "market's challenges".

The core of the business is built on providing decision makers with innovative business solutions which allow them to enhance business performance. To do this, ASG combines business consulting expertise with the delivery of innovative software solutions. This unique proposition, together with impressive turnaround times enabled by our technology frameworks, has led to the establishment of strategic business partnerships with both local and international organisations.

Delivery for ASG, however, is more than just implementing a solution. It’s about providing a service.  And that service starts from the time we meet a client and continues throughout our relationship. With the bulk of our business coming from repeat customers, we are inspired by the ability to provide ongoing solutions to these clients. The same importance is placed on every interaction and project, whether it be big or small.

Our Focus is our client's success


Our range of services are synergistic, but can be utilised individually based on requirements.
Our team will also advise on the best possible route to take in order to deliver the solution you are looking for.

Time is money, and no business can afford to wait for a system that may or may not solve their challenge. Our approach is to provide a system as quickly as possible, and then to work with our client teams to refine and evolve the solution until it is a perfect fit. This approach ensures a better overall solution and reduced risk for the business.

Like a uniquely tailored suit, a bespoke system, designed specifically for your organisation, your processes and your requirements, makes for a perfect fit. We believe the value we provide, simply through investing in understanding the business and then building the best possible solution, is what has awarded us with long and meaningful customer relationships.

ASG’s motivation comes from witnessing the positive effect that a system or solution we have built has had on a business or organisation. Every project has an objective - our mandate is to meet or exceed it. If our system does not make an impact we have not succeeded, and that’s not ok.

What we do matters, it matters to our clients and to their clients. We have the potential to make a significant impact in organisations and we take that seriously. Making an impact is what makes it all worthwhile. It provides a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment. Missing that goal is not an option.